Genesis at the Lincoln Festival - Photo by Armando Gallo


A super-rare fullsize poster from the festival - the only one I've seen
The paper is very thin and could easily have gotten damaged in the heavy rains




Melody Maker - May 27, 1972


The "Sleep Dri" sleeping bags advertised on the poster above


Very Rare Charisma Press Pass

Very Rare 7" Floppy Disc



Some photos from the festival (Genesis lower right)




Happy The Man Italian 7" with a live photo


Super-rare Sounds Souvenir


Festival ad / ticket order form


Very rare DISC free festival handout

Lincolnshire Echo local newspaper

May 27, 1972


Ad from Sounds May 6, 1972


A T-shirt from the event


Programme from the event


A special on the festival from Uncut Magazine 2008





Article from Disco 45 Magazine June 1972





French Hit Magazine
August 1972


Joe Cocker

Ciao 2001 - June 25, 1972





The mass of people at the festival







An extremely rare sticker from the festival

Not many are likely to have survived





A super-rare promotional poster for the festival



Mini-poster, ticket advertisement

Contest from Sounds May 6, 1972

Extremely Rare Credit Card Style Weekend Passes





A great B&W photo taken by Barry Plummer (I think)




Concert Flyer



Tupholme Abbey back then

What Tupholme Abbey looks like now

In front stands a plaque that reads:
"May 1972 - Pop festival at Tupholme. Derelict cottages taken over by hippies."

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