Genesis by Juan Salvant Spain 1991. 95 pages of biography and photos plus The Mama Tour video.
Genesis - A Biography by Dave Bowler and Brian Dray 1992. ISBN 0 283 06132 4. 240 pages. All considered an impressive biography. Most of the info is from newspaper articles and magazines. Seems sort of like a book report though and lacks some good pictures. 

Published in Germany in 1993, Poland 1995, and updated in the UK in 1994 (softcover) with about 60 more pages.


Genesis en Tournee from France Delta Press September 1992. 51 pages with mostly photos from the We Can't Dance tour but does have some nice older shots. ISBN 3-404-72523-9.

Also released in Germany as Genesis Kommt.

V.I.P. Very Important Paperback Music by Petra Zeitz 1992. German book with very nice Gabriel-era pictures. The post Gabriel-era pictures are boring though. Lots of text too but I can't read it to say whether it's interesting. ISBN 3-8118-3902-0.
Foxtrot Polish cassette-sized lyric book with English and Polish translations 1992. Looks like it was meant to be folded and put into the cassette box. Rock Serwis catalog number RS055. 14 pages.

Also SEBTP catalog number RS 056, Mama catalog number RS 062, Invisible Touch catalog number RS 063, We Can't Dance RS 001, and also Invisible Touch (1986) catalog number 0026.

Music Exclusive Number 2- Phil Collins & Genesis from France January 1993. 20 pages of biography with below average text and numerous mistakes.
Counting Out Time by Max Demont 1993. A fabulous color book with photos and descriptions of all Genesis and solo 7" singles. Includes rare demos and acetates through the time of printing. 255 pages. No catalog number.
Genesis 1969-1975 from Argentina second printing 1993. Includes lyrics and Spanish translations from FGTR through the lamb. Also includes a brief history and some interesting B&W photos. 93 pages. Published by Distal. ISBN 950-9495-63-8.
Genesis Discography by Mario Giammetti 1994. Mini paperback book with no pictures and a bizarre cover. Includes info on all solo members too. 160 Pages. No ISBN or catalog number.
The Complete Guide to the Music of Genesis by Chris Welch 1995. A CD sized book that is anything but complete. Has a brief history of the band surrounding each album and a summary of each song on that album. 134 lackluster pages, mostly B&W with a few color. ISBN: 0711954283.

Reissued in 2006 with updated information. 128 pages, ISBN 1844498689.

Genesis - De Peter Gabriel A Ray Wilson. A SUPERB French book by Francois Ducray December 1997. There are many great Gabriel photos in here, some I've never seen elsewhere, others I've only seen in obscure French magazines from the 70s. Small CD-size book with 98 full color pages. ISBN 2-912836-01-8.
   Genesis - La Boite a Musique by Frederic Delage France 1998. A french biography from the early days up until the release date of the book. Includes some nice B&W photos inside from rare Genesis vinyl. Also has a section with a discography including books, videos, and solo projects. 251 pages. ISBN 2-910196-18-6.

Updated in 2007 with many more photos in color and B&W along with updated information in all sections of the book. Many items gladly contributed by The Genesis Museum. An excellent production. 299 pages. ISBN 978-2-35249-016-8

Buy it Here or Here

   NewXcellent1 Japanese book by Yashima Tsukamoto and Ken'ichi Nakano July 1999. This is basically a catalogue of bootleg CDs with track information, running times, quality ratings, catalog numbers, etc. 

There are definitely some interesting things in this book like the catalog numbers, running times, photos, and breaking down each year into which concerts were more heavily bootlegged. There are many typographical errors and other factual errors, but I think I'm missing a lot not knowing Japanese.

Most of the book is in B&W but there is a color section in the back for each recording. 160 pages total. No catalog number.

Updated in 2008 (Xcellent-1 DX) with 300 more pages. More information here.

Promo Only Genesis File Xcellent2 Japanese Book printed by Ken'ichi Nakano in 2000. Only 20 promo copies were made due to lack of interest in Japan. Includes some very unique articles about Genesis equipment, Anthony Philips, bootlegs, Japanese Genesis fan club, and the difficulties of creating books. Extremely hard to find. No catalog number.
  Opening the Musical Box by Alan Hewitt 2000. Alltogether not a bad book. It is quite long and full of information about Genesis and ALL solo projects, including tourdates. It also has interesting sections on various Genesis releases and collectibles, which although incomplete, rarely is given any mention in books. Also lacks very many good photos. 252 pages. ISBN 0 946719 306.

Updated in December 2006 with many new sections and updated information, as well as photos. 352 pages ISBN 0 955486 602.

Canciones 1 & 2 from Spain 2000. Spanish lyrics translations to Genesis songs from Trespass through Duke (book 1) and Abacab through Calling All Stations (book 2). No photos. 192 pages and 185 pages respectively. ISBN 84-245-0856-4 and 84-245-0857-2.
Genesis Collectibles compiled by Peter Vickers early 2001. Not really a book but a CD of scans taken from the and many other Genesis websites without editing for proper quality. Unfortunately, thousands were also taken from The Genesis Museum without permission.

Although I have offered my assistance and donated some scans to the project, the constant sale of website content without permission has made this impossible.

  Inside & Out by Robin Platts 2001. This is basically a biography book with many interesting anecdotes. The writing style is excellent and the production (including pictures - some gladly donated by The Genesis Museum) is very well done. Interesting new information and interviews with obscure band members (Mick Barnard, Kim Shaheen, etc). 184 pages ISBN 1-896522-71-8.

Re-released in 2007 as Behind The Lines, with updated information. Despite the number of pages staying the same, a lot of content and photos (some gladly donated by The Genesis Museum) were updated. The layout and production are again very nice. Despite the small number of pages making in depth analysis impossible, many different topics are covered. ISBN 1-8949596-71

Il fiume del costante cambiamento (The River of Constant Change) by Mario Giammetti April 2004.  A very comprehensive book covering every specific album and specific tour. Contains many excellent and unseen high quality B&W photos. Text is all in Italian but is very enjoyable anyway. Editori Riuniti 480 pages ISBN 88-359-5507-6.

To buy this book, click here

Play Me My Song by Paul Russell 2004. Includes interesting information about many live Genesis recordings, memories, and tour dates from 1969 to 1975, in a similar fashion to the the popular Led Zeppelin Underground book. Despite the great interest to the live recording collector/archivist, it would hold little interest to other fans. Includes a small number of items from The Genesis Museum and some very nice B&W photos. SAF Publishing. 221 pages. ISBN 0-946719-58-6.
Inside Genesis 1970-1980 Two DVD set by Classic Rock Productions 2004. This grey-market DVD includes average live footage from various years interrupted by rather boring interviews with musicians, most of whom I've never heard of before. That said, it does have a few good moments and footage not on an official DVD.

Includes a 50 page booklet with information about each Genesis song which (like the Chris Welch book) are never very good. However, the production is good and includes some nice photos. ISBN 8-23880-01704-9.

Turn It On Again by Dave Thompson late 2004. A comprehensive history of the band with many interviews and information from news publications through the years. Reminiscent in many ways of the Hugh Fielder book from 20 years ago (has it been that long?) plus includes a small number of very unique B&W photographs. Backbeat Books. 328 pages. ISBN 0-87930-810-9.

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