The Genesis Museum Collectors Exhibit Book

Limited Edition


The new book from The Genesis Museum - the first (and only) book on Genesis collectors - what we collect and why, what our collections look like, and what we do with all of it.



Over 275 pages of previously unpublished material brought together for the first time in this beautifully designed, full color, hardcover, 10"x10" (26cmx26cm) coffee-table style book - over 3lbs (1.5kg)! Includes over 60 worldwide contributors, photographers, music engineers, and collectors.


Do you want to hear about Phil's audition with the band in 1970? Do you want to know why Peter left the band in 1975? Do you want a list of the best Genesis albums and songs? Well, you're in luck! There are already many Genesis books with this information, but you won't find anything like that in this book. This is not a photo book or biography book or a book like any other Genesis book ever created. This is a Genesis collector's book. For an in-depth review, click here


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