Here are some inside pagesfrom this program. I only included the pictures which, although B&Ware quite nice. All text is in Italian which, although interesting (I think)I cannot read it.

I have put this Italian textinto a translater and came out with some much broken English. All I haveto say is Italian-to-English translation needs a lot of work. However, itis readable so I've included it below.

At some point I will try tofix some of the errors, but much of them are quite funny. What Italianword translates to 'Pear Tree'?


Little piu of 4 years ago a young person and enterprising managertook in rent an apartment to Soho, transformed it in office and with inhand the contract of a complex on the hem of the breach for the dissolvimentoof their record house, ne it formed one for they: the Charisma. The complexcalled The  Nice, the manager, Tony Stratton-Smith. This collaborationwould have given life to one of piu the dynamic organizations of the recordworld of the last years. Rare Bird, Audience, Van Der Graaf Generator,Genesis, Jackson Heights, Davison Every Which Way, the Bells +Arc, Lindisfarne,Monty Python' s Flying Circus, Spreadeagle, String Driven Thing, CapabilityBrown, Atacama, Bo Hansson... and excused if I have tralasclato someone,questisono the names that during last the four years have caratteritzato,given life and generated the unconditioned interest for this young furnaceof talents.

Some names are gia, unfortunately, passings, but without before tohave had the necessary one and deserved acknowledgment. Tony Stratton-Smith,that she continues to give its manageriato one to all, would not allownobody to abandon without to have before exausted the cartridges. Othernames have always become piu large  until catching up po to the timea large public like the Lindisfarne and the Genesis. First catching upthe high places of all the classifiche and becoming the idoli of the crowdsof festivals and the second ones conquering the admiration and the respectare of public who of critic ovunque recently has exhibited itself. 

The Lindisfarne and the Genesis, with support of the Capability theBrown, last discovered of Tony Stratton-Smith, will be between the publicItalian in order to begin one new series of Charisma Festivals a eveningof love, music and (hope) peace. Milan and Rome will be the two stagesof this first one package and I would not have farvi to notice that Milanand be reopened to the large concerts rock after one quarantine of a yearand means. We try of farla remaining open leaving politics to outside ofrooms concert. 

This and a desire of Lindisfarne, Genesis and Capability Brown, butabove all creed is also Yours. 


The summer of the arrived Genesis and with the the ' 72 autumn ofand a wonderful album, Foxtrot. that, fastly is imposing them like oneof piu the warm formations in international field .

For who it has followed close give the musical developments of theEnglish complex and like having observed a hearth constantly ignited underone layer of grigla, but warm live coal. Nursery Cryme has heated the atmosphereand hours Foxtrot the old hearth with high, burning and colored flameshas finally moved that one shown grayish surface ravvivando.

The Genesis in little months is tax to the attention of the meticulouscritic piu and to the unexpected one they are passing from triumph in triumph.The Olympia of Paris, the Coliseum of London, the Philarmonic Hall di NewYork is only the first stages of this dear formation.

The Genesis one of the piu ago came to the light several years tothe Chartehouse School di Guilford respected Public School English, wherePeter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Michael Rutherford, between a examinationand the other, found a deep tie musical. The boys then aspired to becomeoptimal composers of songs of happening, but they were not still shrewedthat their musics and their backs were ahead in the time, too much ahead.When trusting in their creations they began to go around usual of the recordhouses cozzarono against a large wall. The record ones, legacies to thesimple musical topics of the successes of the moment, watched our futureheroes with esterefatti eyes like if were I'reconnaissance of one squadroncome down from a U.F.O. (Not identified Flying Object). Pear tree succeededto arouse a sure interest in Jonathan King, a former companion of school,hours large pawn to the English Decca. With he they recorded a album, FromGenesis To Reveletion, but the thing Moors them and the complex not andnever rivers

Then, to the unexpected one, the small miracle arrival under shapeof Tony Stratton-Smith who during that period had formed a record label,the Charisma, with two successes: Nice and Rare Bird. One tightened ofhand, a new album, Trespass, a devastating brano, The Knife and the Genesiswere definitively in track.

Nursery Cryme, recorded nelI' summer-autumn of the ' 71, I too muchreveal indecipherable for one critical English who was... giving the numbersfor Marc Bolan, Hot Love and Co the album pear tree absolutely unnoticedno-go gage in Europe; in Germany, France and especially Belgium and Italythe Genesis came favorably received is from the critic that gives the public.Foxtrot, recorded between July and August of the ' 72, was by now destinedto become one mlliare stone in the career of the complex. The last oneat the same time entered in nearly all the European classifiche and theEnglish critic blushed in order not to essersi notice time before one ofpiu the wonderful products of house.

The rest and by now part of the history and when the analysts ofthe rock of the next decade will turn a retrospettivo look to years ' 70,will find very difficult to omit the Genesis from their reports.  

Tony Banks- organ, mellotron, slowly electrical worker and guitarto 12 ropes (par now only in the execution of The Fountaln Of Salmacis).Been born to East Hoethly (Sussex) 27 March 1950 (Ram). Married with Margaret. 

It has begun to studlare pianoforte to the eta of 7 annl, but withinsufficient interest. 

Creed that cio has had to the fact that I had been forced from mymother has noticed Tony. E' an optimal pianista and also singer. Not, andnever be professional, but and much good one. E' be for its musical lovethat me beginning to the pianoforte with a university professor when Ihad 7 years. I hated, but with passing of 11 years my Interest to alwaysgreater state. When I had 13 or 14 years I truly began to love the instrumentthen and, memory that mililiter I exercised in riarrangiamenti of the songsof the Beatles. And always piaciuto to make this best me that to studymusic. To the " Charterhouse " I met Peter and entirety we began to composeour songs; I played and it sang. We made all like an amusing pastime andwas not finche knew Michael and Anthony who we began to think seriouslynext to our music. Cosi songs had asked to us for aiutarli recording atape of they ne were useful for metterci some for ours. That one was thefirst one of an indefinite number of tapes. 

Phil Collins several battery, percussions, voice. Been born to London(Chiswick) 30 January 1951 (Aquarius). 

He has begun to play the battery to the eta of 5 years. It was abattery in miniatura that I had in gift from, memory who has not said Phil.I have played on behalf mine until the eta of 13 dopodiche years have goneto private lessons in order to learn to read music and this I have madeit years until 16. I did not think to become a musician perche until thenI had worked like actor in television a film and three years in " Oliver" in the theatres of the West London End. I had the seemed ones of Dodgerthat previously it had been covered from Davy Jones of the Monkees andSteve Marriott. My mother and a teatrale agent and and for whom I cameintroduced in the career. When I am decided to leave to lose mine did notspeak me for a pair about weeks; they were convinced that same making onestupid what jackets I left to lose just In a moment that I had many offering.But to the end he gained the battery, mine became account that I was happyin what I made and for a pair of years I passed from a complex to the otherbetween Which Flaming Youth. We obtained optimal
pubblicita, but little cosi satisfactions I answered to one Insertionfor a drummer for a complex of the Charlsma. I knew Tony Stratton-Smithand thinking he was for someone like Jackson Height (the Nice as soon ashad melted themselves) I went to find Tony to the bar of the Marquee. Ibelieved to obtain the place without audizionare jackets I knew Tony, buthe said me to telephone Peter Gabrlel. Audizionai  and I obtainedthe place; this was two years ago. 

Steve Hackett- guitar electrical worker, 12 and 6 ropes acoustic-electricalworker. Been born to London (West End) 12 February 1950 (Aquarius). Marriedwith Ellen. 

Steve has replaced two years ago Anthony Phillips, chitarrista originalI' of the Genesis. Its father to painter and the its first infancy andbe guided from every shape of art. Musically Steve succeeded to astoundall ' eta of 4 years. 

I played the harmonica and every qualvolta someone to houses arrivedhad to demonstrate mine... qualita says Steve sorridendo. The harmonicaand I have been inseparable finche to the eta of 14 years I have begunto play the guitar. I have learned alone and alone I have continued toplay making the solista with the harmonica and the accompanyment with theguitar. Po' to the time guitar is deepened me in the study delia and haspassed approximately two years to the search of musicians in order to forma complex. I have spold a capital in insertions on the Melody Maker; therewas always a some thirty of musicians who answered, was tried and immancabilmenteI had lasclar to lose. Towards the end I began to being much cynical oneon the scenes musical of the moment and put an insertion that reflectedsuch feeling. I wanted of the musicians that they were of agreement withme that the muslca it was In a tinning period and with desire to come outsidewith something of new. Peter Gabriel answered; not, not conoscovo the Genesis,ne I had not badly felt to speak. Not audizionai with they, but I invitedthem to house. My brother played the flauto and entirety we had mesao onsomething. They came to sentirmi and they asked to me endured for unirmithe complex: it was the exact formation that I had tried end from my firstinsertion 

Mike Rutherford: low, low to pedals, 12 ropes, voice. Been born toGuilford (Surrey) 2 October 1950 (Balance). 

I have begun to play the guitar to the eta of 9 years tells Michael.I have not never followed a particular system, quiodi are a true self-taught.Late E' be a lot piu pear tree that to me is found coinvoito in music,when they have gone to the Charterhouse School. With Anthony Phillips,than and be our first chitarrista, we played to the beginning songs ofother people, but teen soon, we began to compose ours. We made friendshipwith other boys who played the pianoforte and as we they composed cosiyou will join the two things. The two called Tony Banks and Peter Gabrleland for me that one was the official beginning of the Genesis, therefore5 years ago. The basao to pedals? Me it has constructed to a friend takingthe pedal-key of an organ Hammond and adattandoia to an amplifier. Thisallows me to play the bottom also when they are engaged with the chltarrato 12 ropes 

Peter Gabriel- song, flauto, tarrburino and case-battery. Been bornto Chobban (Surrey) 13 February 1950 (Acquarlo). Married with Jill. 

Muslcalmente I have begun studying the pianoforte from the 5 and7 years, but I left to lose perche did not appeal to the profeasore hastold Peter to me. As singer I began with the chorus of the school. WhenI went to the " Charterhouse " I began to auonare the battery and duringthe vacations I have played before with a complex of traditional Jazz,then with a complex " soul ". I saw in classifies these canzoncine thatsold a cosi disc bag began to compose with the intention of giving my songsto some "Big ". Found before the aid of Tony, then that one of Michaeland Anthony, but our great ideas were only realized with a brano recordedfrom the brother of Rita Pavone, creed Paul. Only the our brano recordedin the world from other people.

How they began the Genesis?

Anthony and Michael decided to make a tape to send in turn and hadcosi need of a pianista-organista after to have accepted the aid of Tonywe decided to put within also our songs. We learned them and they themours. We raised a null interest and Johnathan King who had been in ourschool monster a friendly interest and made us to record " From GenesisTo Reveletlon ". We went in study much nervous perche we had not neverplayed with in public and we did not know what would not be jumped outside.This happened 5 years ago and was still to school; the album did not makenull for we, but it convinced to leave to us to lose the universita oneand to continue like musicians. We played ovunque us capitasse, but notnever... we are prostituiti to play nient' other but our music. Hungerne we have made, but strangely what was the minim that we thought.

Qual' and your opinion on that first album..

Me piacciono the agreements and you will not succeed to transmitthe ideas that we had in mind. Without experience not we are rendered accountthat all our ideas were remained in our mind and badly they have not goneon tape. There and a brano, " The Place To Call My Own ", that it couldbe truly good and when risento the hours give much nostalgia to me.

How you have arrived to the Charisma?

Through evenings perche our tapes had been refused from all the Englishrecord houses esistentl. First the our public was to the " Queen Mary's College " where we made a " set " acoustic and will succeed for beforethe time to communicate completely with the public. Dave Rare Anthony andthe Bird saw to us and ne they spoke to Stratton-Smith and we acceptedto go with the Charisma perche in that period we were all fascinated ofthe Nice. Also Mike Plnder of the Moody Blues had shown interest in wefor the Threshold label, but we wanted to avoid a ollowing comparison withthe Moody Blues..