Here are the pictures and text from the programme. The text is similar to the other UK Tour Souvenir. Only the yellow one has tour dates added.


I've a feeling that when the rock analysts of the next decade go circumspectly about their business, they will find great difficulty in omitting Genesis from their chronicles.

For in the past two years the band have slowly and meticulously carved out their own little musical niche and have grown slowly towards the apothesis with which their efforts must surely be rewarded.

To say that Genesis are a unique rock band of multicoloured textures really only touches the surface of what they are about, for at its best a Genesis gig is like watching a pantomime against the background of an orchestra.

The organic development of the bank can be traced through their albums-"Trespass", which first made the public sit and take note a couple of years ago, then "Nursery Cryme" which consolidated their position, and now a sensational new album "Foxtrot".

And so finally Genesis have come of age and joined the top ranks of Britain's rock bands. In the past it was always a little risky to bestow them with superlatives but in recent months they have made some sensational inroads on the music scene.

Critics have been comparing some of the finer aspects of their music with bands of the calibre of Yes and ELP, and the new album justifies all the accolades.

Peter Gabriel's stage act has been described as more fearsome than Alice Cooper, more delightfully camp than David Bowie, but once again it is a natural rather than a contrived grace of movement that personifies the characters about which he sings, and captures the hearts of audiences.

And so, to a dispassionate observer, Genesis arrived at the Reading Jazz & Blues Festival this summer as bright young hopefuls, and played midway through the Friday evening session.

No punches or garish expletives to win over the crowd-it was just the same Genesis, with guitarists Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford sitting sedately towards the side of the stage as though waiting for the conductor's cue in.

Tony Banks created waves of sound from mellotron and organ, that night, Phil Collins, the artful dodger, showed why he commands so much respect from fellow musicians, and the rest was left to the striking figure of Peter Gabriel, his head partly shaven, his eyes made up, his face painted.

Out came the Genesis songhook-"The Knife", "Twilight Alehouse", "Return Of The Giant Hogweed". . . and no wonder the crowds went mad. No band could have followed them on this showing and the crowd knew it-but already

Genesis have moved into new territory with the kind of enquiring minds that conjure up great music.

PERSONNEL: Peter Gabriel-Lead Vocals, Flute. Phil Collins-Drums, Vocals. Tony Banks-Piano, Mellotron, Organ, Guitar, Vocals. Mike Rutherford-Bass, Guitars, Vocals. Steve Hackett- Lead Guitar.

EVOLUTION: Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel joined Michael Rutherford and Anthony Phillips in a songwriting venture and the group was formed to make demos of their songs.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: They were joined in 1966 by Chris Stewart(drums). Chris left in 1967-8 and was replaced by John Silver, who was succeeded by John Mayhew in 1969. Anthony Phillips (guitar) and John Mayhew left in 1970 and Phil Collins came in. For three moths they worked as a four-piece, until Steve Hackett joined in 1971.

ORIGIN OF NAME: An inspiration in 1967 by record producer Jonathan King.
FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE: Brunel University, Uxbridge, November 1969.
FIRST BROADCAST: Sounds of the Seventies, July 1970.
FIRST TV: Disco 2, November 1970.
MANAGER: Tony Stratton-Smith, Charisma Records, 70 Old Compton Street London W1 V 5PA. 01-439 1 741 .
AGENT: Charisma Artistes (Paul Conroy and Colin Richardson), 70 Old Compton Street, London W1V SPA. 01-439 1 741.
RECORDING COMPANY: Charisma Records.
RECORD PRODUCER: David Hitchcock.
PUBLICIST: Glen Colson, Charisma Artistes.
MUSIC PUBLISHING COMPANY: Quartet/Genesis, c/o Charisma Artistes.
FAN CLUB: Hogweed Youth Movement, c/o Amanda Gardner, TOChequers End, Winslow, Bucks.
TRANSPORT: Ford Transit short weel base van for group, three-ton Ford D-series truck for gear.
SOUND ENGINEER: Richard Macphait. Lighting: Adrian Selby.
SINGLES: "The Silent Sun" (1967), "Winter's Tale" (1968), "Where The Sour Turns to Sweet" (1968) all on Decca. "The Knife, Parts 1 and 2"(1971) and "Happy The Man" c/w "Seven Stones" (October 1972) on Charisma.
ALBUMS: "From Genesis to Revelation" (1968, Decca), "Trespass"(September 1970), "Nursery Chrymes" (September 1971 ) and "Fox Trot"(October 1972), all on Charisma.
P.A. EQUIPMENT: Two WEM Festival stacks, four WEM Vendena cabinets, two WEM 4 x 1 2 B and two WEM 4 x 1 2 C cabinets. 10 100 watt siave amplifiers, three WEM Audiomasters, WEM Copicat, Sony cassette play-back machine

ANTHONY BANKS: Organ, piano, Mellotron.
BORN: East Hoathley, Sussex, March 27, 1950.
EDUCATION: Charterhouse and Sussex University.
MUSICAL TRAINING: Classical piano at school from 7 to 17 years. Started playing organ 3 1/2 years ago with Genesis. Self-taught guitarist.
CAREER: Played piano in school group, The Garden Watt, which included Peter Gabriel and Anthony Phillips, the original guitarist with Genesis.
Musical Influences: Classical music, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Nice.
FAVOURITE COMPOSERS: Shostakovitch and Mahter.
FAVORITE SONGWRITERS: Gary Booker and Keith Reid, Pact Simon.
Favorite Musicians: Ian MacDonald, Paul Simon.
FAVORITE SINGER Art Garfunkel, Donovan.
FAVOURITE SINGLE: Macarthur Park, Richard Harris.
MOST INFLUENTIAL LP: "Pet Sounds", the Beach Boys.
RESIDENCE: Flat in Parsons Green, West London.
FAMILY: Wife Margaret, and dog, Snuffles.

BORN: Chiswick, London, January 30, 1951.
EDUCATION: Chiswick County Grammar School and Barbara Speake Stage School.
MUSICAL TRAINING: Self-taught piano and drums. Subsequently took lessons in reading from Frank King and Lloyd Ryan.
CAREER: Has played drums since age of five and acted in numerous television films and radio shows, including playing the Artful Dodger in Oliver for 10 months. Joined a group called Flaming Youth at 17. Has been professional since 16.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: The Beatles, Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra.
FAVOURITE COMPOSERS: Lennon and McCartney, Jon Anderson, Martin Hall.

STEVE HACKETT: Lead guitar.
BORN: London, February 12, 1950.
EDUCATION: Sloane Grammar School, Kensington.
CAREER: Played with Canterbury Glass, Heel Pier, Sarabande.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Peter Osgood and the Chelsea Choir, the Beatles, the Stones, Crimson and lots more.
FAVOURITE COMPOSERS: Eric Satie, Albinoni, ScarIani, Bach.
FAVOURITE SINGLE: "Blue Is The Colour", Chelsea F.C.
MOST INFLUENTIAL GROUP: Rarely influenced by albums alone.
RESIDENCE: Noning Hill.
FAMILY: Wife, Ellen.
INSTRUMENTS: Les Paul custom guitar, Epiphone 12-string guitar, Hagstrom 12-string guitar, Yamaha acoustic 12-string guitar, Hiwan 100-Watt amplifier, two 150-Watt 4 x 1 2 Hiwan cabinets.

BORN: Guildford Surrey, October 2, 1950.
EDUCATION: Charterhouse.
CAREER: Played in group called Anon with Tony Phillips (ex-Genesis} and Richard Macphail (Genesis sound engineer) as singer. Started writing songs with Pete and Tony.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Hymns, the rest of the band, everyone.
FAVOURITE COMPOSERS: Judy Collins, Simon and Garfunkel, Lennon and McCartney.
FAVOURITE MUSICIANS: Simon and Garfunkel.
FAVOURITE SINGLE: "America", Simon and Garfunkel.

BORN: Chobham, Surrey, February 13, 1950.
EDUCATION: St. Andrews, Woking. Charterhouse, Godalming.
MUSICAL TRAINING: Piano lessons which were abandoned at an early age. Flute and oboe tuition.
AMATEUR DEBUT: As drummer in a trade band, Mitords, at some obscure hall in Buckinghamshire.
CAREER: Started drumming when 13 with a jazz band and then a soul band. Began singing with his school group, which included Tony. Joined Genesis.
FAVOURITE SINGLE: I Put A Spell On You" Nina Simone.