This tourpack is an absoluteborn collector's item. It contains an information sheet, a floppy record,revolver, dice game, poster, and sticker. Each item, if used properly,like making the revolver, playing the game, sticking the sticker, becomesworthless. Therefore, this is extremely hard to find complete.

This is the floppy disc and one of only a few items that actuallyrelates to the band. Note that this disc looks different than the otherTwilight Alehouse disc found in Flexipop magazine. The label here is thinnerand appears much darker.

A Bizarre Airplane/Bird Sticker

This is the poster. What the hell this is a picture of I have noidea. This is a black and white scan but the print looks brown.

Peter Gabriel remembering the past: "We went to this agent's officewhen we were trying to get off the ground, and he sat us down very seriouslyand said: 'I suggest you give up'. I've been angry about that ever since" "My father is a farmer and some of my relatives, when they heard I wasin a group enquired: 'When's Peter going to get a proper job'?  "Theonly trouble with our music is that just as we seem to be solvent we comeup with more ideas for the stage show, and all the money disappears again".

If like me, you like Genesis, then you will know these remarks arefairly typical. It's not been an easy progress. Even the way the groupwork courts disaster. For example, their latest album took four monthsto record and then there was all the time spent writing it in committee,because that's the way the group choose to work.

"You'll always see on all our records the word Genesis after composerbecause that's the truth. We all work it out together. We hold what I supposeare like auditions when we start something new and go in there and playit to the others, and then maybe it will be turned down or maybe it won't,either way everyone else will work on it. We thought that it was best tojust put the group's names on everything because so many times before groupshave got into ego and business problems over who wrote what. The only drawbackis that it's a very slow business, by the time we've all had our say."

A little of their history. Peter, Mike Rutherford and Tony Bankswere at school together.

At school (Charterhouse) Peter played in a group that appeared atschool dances called The Garden Wall. When they left, they formed Genesis,there were changes in the line-up, they even got involved for a time withanother old Charterhouse boy Jonathan King before joining Charisma andproducing the sort of music we really associate with them, the line upchanged several times until they settled down with Phil Collins and SteveHackett.

Gradually their performances have become more and more a theatricalas well as musical experience. Few who saw their last British tour willforget the moment when the whole stage was draped in white or Peter appearedwith his flower head-dress. Then there was the incredible opening to theirperformance at the Reading Festival this summer when Peter was hoistedhigh up on a hydraulic lift encased in a box which merely revealed hishead. Yet these moments are not just for effect, they are an integral partof the group's act as they encourage a feeling of fantasy. Peter himselflongs for the day when they could make enough money to tour their own inflatablehall: "I've always been fascinated by this combination of funfair and artgallery. We are trying to achieve an experience of fantasy, and sometimesin some halls this is a bit harder than it would be if you controlled thewhole environment".

It is these two sides of life, fantasy and reality which fascinateGabriel, which the group fully developed in Supper's Ready. Now comes anew album and a new live performance. It is interesting to note two contrastingways in which songs on the album came about. For some time Peter had beentelling me about this cutting he'd seen in a newspaper about gangstersfighting it out in Epping Forest, it was just the situation that appealedto him, the contrast of the peaceful forest life and the sudden intrusionby human gangsters slugging it out: "I knew I'd have to write a song involvingit, but by then I'd lost the cutting and I couldn't find it at all, I combedthrough back copies of the local papers and the nationals but no luck,so I've tad to make a bit of it up".

Then came that delicate cover painting for the new album cover bythe artist Betty Swanwick. As Peter says: "When we first talked to theartist she mentioned the word lawnmower and that stuck in our minds too,and as the cover evolved we knew we'd have to write a song around it whichis just what we did."

The new act makes quite a lot of use of slides, which caused Peterto admit that at one time a year or so back the group had had this ideaof appearing behind a cinema screen with film being shown on it every nowand again, but it did not come to fruition. In fact, even grander thingswere planned all summer but in the end fire regulations stopped them, sowhat you see tonight is a slightly modified stage setting.

Genesis have now made two quick visits to America, but after theBritish tour they take on America in earnest with a six-week tour, whichshould prove interesting.

As Peter says: "I quite like a lot of children's party games. Aftera game of blind man's buff there are much better feelings. After you havelaughed at someone and then laughed at yourself, everything is much morerelaxed, you lose your inhibitions. It's this spirit of playfulness thatwe'd like to conjure up"


This is the Dice Game. You are supposed to cut the dice out and tapeit together in order to play.

This is the 'Genesis Revolver'. For some reason I though this wouldbe a paper gun. What you're supposed to do (in order to ruin your collectable)is cut out the object and tape it together. It turns into a wheel kindof device that rolls, or as they say, revolves.