Where else could you find Genesis, Shaft, and Hitler all in one magazine???



For the past two years Genesis have slowly but surely carved out their own little niche in the wor~d of pop. To watch a Genesis gig is like a new experience; they have all the ingredients, colour, panache and pantomime, set to an orchestral background.


      They have been compared to bands like Elp and Yes, and "Foxtrot", their latest album, justifies this great acclaim.


      Peter Gabriel's stage act has been described as more fearsome than Alice Cooper and more camp than David Bowie and he certainly captures the imagination of the audience, especially with his partly shaven head, made-up eyes and painted face . . . And while Mr. Gabriel's doing his thing the guitarists Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford sit down sedately on the side of the stage almost as if they're waiting for their cue to go on. And then there s Tony Banks creating waves of sound on mellatron and organ and finally there's Phil Collins, the artful dodger, showing why he commands so much respect from his fellow musicians.


      Genesis means the beginning, and this surely is the start of a fruitful career for this brilliant outfit.