German POP magazine 1976
A photo collage used on a rare single from Thailand


4 Posters from the French Best Magazine August through November 1976
Photos from France 23rd or 24th June 1976









UK Promo Poster with Charisma logo



US Trick of the Tail promo poster with ATCO logo


Live shot 1976





From the French Best magazine 1976

A nice but often reprinted poster. This advertises the New Bingley Hall performance which was used for the 1976 In Concert film.

"In Concert" Movie

The following posters advertise the 1976 "In Concert" film by Tony Maylam, often coupled with "White Rock" featuring music by Rick Wakeman, but they were shown in theatres in 1977.

A very rare American movie poster for the 1976 'In Concert' film from Glasgow/Stafford

Since most old movie posters were destroyed,
this is super-rare

Australian "daybill" poster for the movie

German poster for the movie with great live photo

Super-large UK poster with photo

'In Concert' UK flyer - mini-version of the poster





A simple but very rare B&W Canadian poster for the movie