Here are some scans of Gabriel-era programmes.


The Reading Festival program June 26, 1971. Included Lindisfarne, Wishbone Ash, Audience, Sha Na Na, Rory Gallagher, VDGG, and many others.

Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 1 copy.

The Lincoln Festival 'Great Western Express' program May 28, 1972. Included artists such as Slade, Lindisfarne, and the Beach Boys. 44 total pages. This was (supposedly) the first time Watcher of the Skies was performed and Peter started his emphasis on visuals by shaving his forehead.

Approximate value: $100  This can be difficult to find and most have the corner(s) bent.

This issue of the Evening Post from August 5, 1972 served as the "Official programme of the 11th national jazz, blues, and rock festival at Reading on August 11, 12, 13". Includes a small section with Genesis who appeared on the first evening.

Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 2 copies.

The Autumn 1972 Foxtrot tour supporting Lindisfarne. 16 pages but only 2 for Genesis. Where is Lindisfarne now?

Approximate value: $75
This is relatively easy to find and because it is so sturdy is typically in good shape.

The September 30, 1972 Oval concert program. Melody Maker Poll festival. Orange cover and 16 pages. Included many artists such as ELP and Focus. Most other artists have some pictures text but Genesis only were given a few pictures. 12 total pages.

Interestingly, the band Focus was dubbed the up and coming band of 1972. Genesis didn't even make the list...

Approximate value: $90+

December 13, 1972 Philharmonic Hall New York concert with String Driven Thing. This was the first American performance and was an extremely significant concert for Genesis. They felt their show went off horribly but they were very well received.

54 total pages with 2 for Genesis.

Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 3 copies.

The 'Supper's Ready' handout 1972/73. 

It is basically a B&W sheet (or brown and white) that is easily copied and I believe was copied later on. This can raise the uncertainty and lower the value. I think this is a way to tell the difference between the original and a copy:

- The print should be brown, not black or green. 
- The photo on the front should look like a photo. It should not be grainy at all.
- The paper should not seem like standard paper, it is a very soft paper typically used for older photographic copies of birth certificates, etc.

Includes lyrics to the song along with the following explanations:


i.Lover's Leap

     In which two lovers are lost in each other's eyes, and found again transformed in the bodies of another male and female

ii. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

     The lovers come across a town dominated by two characters; one a  benevolent farmer and the other the head of a highly disciplined scientific religion. The latter likes to be known as "The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man" and claims to contain a secret new ingredient capable of fighting fire. This is a falsehood, an untruth, a whopper and a taradiddle, or to put it in clearer terms; a lie.

iii. Ikhnaton and Its-a-con and their band of merry men

     Who the lovers see clad in greys and purples, awaiting to be summoned out of the ground. At the G.E.S.M's command they put forth from the bowels of the earth, to attack all those without an up-to-date "Eternal Life Licence", which were obtainable at the head office of the G.E.S.M.'s religion.

iv. How Dare I Be So Beautiful?

     In which our intrepid heroes invesitigate the aftermath of the battle and discover a solitary figure, obsessed by his own image. They witness an unusual transmutation, and are pulled into their own reflections in the water.

v Willow Farm

     Climbing out of the pool, they are once again in a different existence. They're right in the middle of a myriad of bright colours, filled with all manner of objects, plants, animals and humans. Life flows freely and everything is mindlessly busy. At random, a whistle blows and every single thing is instantly changed into another.

vi Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-starring the delicious talents of wild geese)

     At one whistle the lovers become seeds in the soil, where they  recognise other seeds to be people from the world in which they had originated. While they wait for Spring, they are returned to their old world to see Apocalypse of St John in full progress. The seven trumpeteers cause a sensation, the fox keeps throwing sixes, and Pythagoras (a Greek extra) is deliriously happy as he manages to put exactly the right amount of milk and honey on his corn flakes.

vii  As sure as eggs is eggs (aching mens' feet)

     Above all else an egg is an egg

     'And did those feet ............' making ends meet.

     Jerusalem= place of peace.

These British Tour Souvenirs, as far as I can tell were used late 1972. It is hard to tell for sure and it is possible they were used in 1973 too. They are likely unofficial, but there is no other programme for this tour. There are 8 pages, almost the same as the yellow souvenir below but has no tour dates.

In general, the Yellow cover is the easiest to find, the Red cover a little more difficult, and this Orange cover most difficult. But this changes at times and all are very rare.

Because of the delicate newspaper, this is difficult to find in excellent (and white) condition.
Charisma Festival programme January 1973 with Lindisfarne, Capability Brown, Balleto Di Bronzo. 8 pages B&W. Looks sort of like a newspaper.

A poster from the festival

The British Tour Souvenir February 1973. 8 Pages.

The April 2, 1973 Philharmonic tourbook. Has just a few pages on Genesis


Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 2 copies.




This issue of the Evening Post from August 18, 1973 served as the official programme for the festival from August 24-26, 1973. Includes only some short text on Genesis (no photo) who appeared at the end of the last day.

Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 3 copies.

One-off programme from Lausanne, Switzerland - September 29, 1973. 1 large sheet folded into a 6 sided booklet. Includes French text, discography, and some photos.

Extremely difficult to find! I know of about 5 copies, but most are only a recent discovery through someone associated with the concert.

This October 1973 tourpack is called the Compendium and included a rather bizarre collection of a poster, flexi-disc, sticker, revolver, and dice.

Approximate value: 
$80-100 if 2 pieces are missing
$125 if 1 piece (typically the sticker or dice) is missing
$200-275 if complete or sealed (VERY rare)

The British Show Souvenir October 1973. 8 Pages. It is a very similar programme to the other souvenirs, but hardest to find.
The Chris Briggs compilation by Charisma 1974. I'm not sure exactly what this is or what it should be classified as. It looks sort of like a press kit with Charisma information. Was supposedly sold during the Selling England shows as a sort of tourbook. 24 pages.

Approximate value: $150-$200
This is an extremely rare piece. Unfortunately, it is a poor production with stapled pages.

The American Lamb Programme October 1974 through February 1975. This was handed out or placed on the seats as an introduction to the yet to be released album.

Approximate value: $100-$175
This one surprises me. It was given out for free at many many American concerts, but is quite difficult to find. I figure that Americans thought if it's free it can't be worth very much and threw them away.

The Portugese March 6 and 7, 1975 Lamb programme. This is probably one of the rarest Genesis paper items. 

Extremely difficult to find! I only know of 3 copies.

A super-rare booklet promoting the May 18, 1975 concert in San Sebastian, Spain. 14 B&W pages of history and discography.


This is the only copy I know of.

The European 1975 Lamb program. There are two slightly different versions of these with 2 or 3 different tour dates.

Approximate value: $50-$100

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