From Genesis To Revelation 1969 included a lyric sheet and text:


The group started as Genesis, biblical centuries ago. But fate intervened, other groups became Genesis and who were we to fight. So we changed our name in America to Revelation. Moments later up came another Revelation. Now we are the group without a name, but we have a record and we want to give it to you, name or not. It was a hard sound to get together, conceived over a period of months, with rainbows of music colour filtering through the glass partition on to the sliding faders and echo knobs, searching for the pot of gold.  From Genesis to Revelation. Sporadic moments in between; thoughts of a very young group looking shortly back and far forward, over the grey mountains of time shrouded in the mist of harmony. We hope you will find no one to compare it with, not because we don't want to be compared, but because there are better things to do. We hope you won't find it pretentious or humourless because it was intended to be neither. It was intended to be just very pleasant. Melodic, unusual, containing what is natural and genuine. Sometimes, before the hard age of flitting teens, shapes are sharper, patterns clearer, ideas more simple and statements more crystal. Sometimes, indeed, wrongly so. Sometimes rightly. Always, in truth, interesting and valid as an experience for the senses, for the mind. Those years between fifteen and twenty. No longer boy or girl, not yet man or woman. Confused by the bright light of age, remembering the hazy mellowness of youth. Years when one tries to go back, forwards, upwards, downwards- never to remain static, at peace in growing up. Listen and cast your mind into the sound spectrum. Hear what you hear - smile and enjoy, from the beginning to the end, from Genesis to Revelation.


Brian Roberts and Tom Allom sat patient behind the controls, with Jonathan King who screamed, occasionally had fits and attempted not to turn white-haired. Arthur Greenslade and Lou Warburton added echoey string and wind instruments with skill and gentleness.
(c) 1969, The Decca Record Company Limited, London.

Here are some of the many variations on Genesis' first album. Even though the music has been rereleased many times, several of these are quite rare. This is a general list of the rereleases. For an absolute insanely complete list, click here . It has to be the single largest FGTR related collection.

Red label unboxed mono release 1969. There were very few copies of these made and it is the rarest official FGTR UK release. The red squares show through the hole in the back of the cover to tell you if the record inside is mono or stereo. Also catalog number LK 4990 indicates mono.

Approximate value $300-$500 (very hard to find)

Note: This is a different mix to the common stereo release. Some songs are shorter, longer, or run differently.


Also a super rare test pressing, the only one I know of.

This is the unboxed stereo counterpart to the above mono pressing 1969. There were supposedly twice the number of stereo releases as mono, but this is much easier to find. The blue squares show through the hole in the album to see that it is stereo. Catalog number SKL 4990 indicates stereo.

Approximate value: $50-$75

Note: there were many slight variations to this release with different vinyl sleeve designs and cover styles (with or without a hole) etc. See many here.

Also a rare test pressing, I know of two copies.

An interesting and very rare New Zealand release late 1969 on an unboxed orange Decca logo catalog number SKLM 4990. Also has a unique back cover with information normally included on the insert.
A strange Italian release date unknown, but based on the cover copied from the US London release it is 1974 or later. Decca catalog number 820-322-1. There are also two different very rare Italian unboxed Decca blue label releases from 1969, catalog number SKLI 4990.
Very rare German release 1970 catalog number SLK 16 598-P. I believe this was released as a promo only. The label is bright red and quite unique. This release also shows a Royal Sound Stereo symbol with a crown. Here is a really rare test pressing.
US release from 1974 with the more obvious GENESIS added across the front. Catalog number PS 643 on London records, also used for a unique Venezuelan release, with two different labels.

The same cover was used in Canada with the catalog number XPS 643, two different labels. A similar cover was used on a late but rare Italian release on Decca, catalog number 820 322-1 by Polygram.


In The Beginning 'Serpent' cover. UK 1974 on the Decca label. Catalog number ZAL 8839. Has a early press photo on the back and some text by John King describing how he relates to them and why this is not a new Genesis album. Comes with lyric sheet and pencil sketches.

Also available from Turkey with unique unboxed Decca label, from Brazil with a different label London catalog number LLN 7298-S, a slightly later release from New Zealand on Decca 1976, and the final release from Japan 1978 with OBI and insert catalog number L20P 1068 on London Records.

From Genesis to Revelation Japanese version on Decca 1976 catalog number SL 281. This was released under the Treasury of British Rock series. It originally came with the OBI shown here which is thinner, has more LPs on the back of the OBI, and has purple lettering.

This release came with an insert with all of the tracks and lyrics in Japanese.

I think this is the second pressing (same year, same label, same catalog number. However, this OBI has an extra strip on the side indicating it is a promo LP. The back of the OBI is different (it shows FGTR SL 281 at the top) and the lettering is blue. 

Also, the insert is slightly different to the one above.

Rock Roots UK 1976 on the Decca label. Catalog number ROOTS 1. This cover was also used for many other countries releases including Canada on London MIP-1-9346, France on a red Decca label 258.133, Greece with B&W back cover, Argentina in 1978 on London catalog number ZARL 14176 P or 8557, & Brazil in 1981 on London catalog number 24004.


Also, a pretty rare test pressing. I know of two copies.


Canadian Cassette

Rock Roots Australian Decca 1976 with drastic cover variation. Catalog Number VMP.1017.
From Genesis to Revelation Holland (6835 131) or Germany (6 21590 or SDL 8009) 1977 on the Decca Label. There is also a harder one to find from Australia (ZAL 8839) and very rare promo version. All have the same flower cover and a small B&W photo on the back of the band live. 
U.S. cover of a Volcano catalog number LC 50006 in 1977 on London records.

Idolos 1 - From Genesis To Revelation 1977. Spanish Decca catalog number C7827. Also a very rare promo release.

Genesis Japan 1978 by London Records. Has a stunning color picture of brittania on the front and a pink OBI. This edition was limited to 2000 with the first 1000 on gold vinyl. The OBI for the gold vinyl and black vinyl release are the same. Catalog number GXH 1054. 

Approximate value: 
Black Vinyl - No OBI $50
Black Vinyl - With OBI $75
Gold Vinyl - No OBI $75-$100
Gold Vinyl - With OBI $100-$150


Very unique Italian reel tape from April 1978. Was used in the 70s and 80s to press LPs and Cassettes, before CDs replaced them. This one is catalog number SKCI/4990.
The Silent Sun Germany 1980 on a Red Decca label or from Italy on a Blue Decca Label. Catalog number 6 24359. Also a very rare test pressing.
This was rereleased in with the same cover (slightly lesser quality photo) and a blue OBI 1981. This edition was limited to 1600. Catalog number K16P-9076.

Approximate value: $50 without OBI, $75-$100 with OBI

Historia de la Musica Rock Spain 1981 on the Decca label. Catalog number 9 LP 004.
Genesis with Peter Gabriel Germany 1981 on silver or red Decca label. Catalog number 6 24603.

Gigantes del Pop Vol 24 Spain 1981 on the Decca label. Very prominently listed after each song on the back that they are copyrighted by Jonjo (John King) Music. Catalog number 64 95 074.

A difficult one to find is the re-release of this LP in 1988 without the 'Volume 24' on the front, back, or label.


When the Sour Turns to Sweet 1986. Was released in the UK on Rock Machine (MACH M 4), Brazil on Sigem (3207062) in 1990 with white back cover, and a unique labeled Yugoslavian on Helidon (7.551506) with different back cover. Very strange non-Genesis related painting. UK release is fairly common.

When the Sour Turns to Sweet UK picture disc 1986. Rock Machine catalog number MACH MP 4. Strange design on the flip side.
Del Genesis Al Apocalipsis from Argentina 1987. London (Polygram) catalog number 820 496-1. Also promo version.
Very late Spanish re-release 1989 on the Vemsa label catalog number VLP-392.
Genesis LP from Holland and Italy 1990. Green Line catalog number GLP 449.
From Genesis to Revelation from Germany and UK 1990. Castle catalog number CLL 5002.
Genesis LP from Russia 1993, possibly unofficial. Russian Disc catalog number R60 0 01395.