This is NOT a new Genesis album!

In the beginning there was one giant popstar (me) fresh out of school(Charterhouse) being pestered endlessly by a group (them) from the sameschool, to listen to their horrendous demo tapes.

So I listened. And they were quite good.

From this non-auspicious start, I became increasingly involved innurturing this nameless group of 16 and 17 year olds into making the oddsingle and finallyÑbecause the material was getting so good an album.

A lot of work went into this album, and eventually it came out, andflopped.

Well, the boys had just left school and weren't too sure about goingprofessional and as a result" had no fan following. We'd chosen the group

name GENESIS (my inspiration) and had to change it for America becausethere was another group with that name so we became the first namelessgroup and simply put out the album as "From Genesis to Revelation". Butfrom the title came a concept, and I suggested to the boys that the albumshould be a whole linked throughoutÑand should go from Genesis toRevelation.

Still a concept album by a non-performing group was seemingly asuncommercial an idea as it is today. Some people liked it others calledit overproducedÑvery few actually heard it. I was very proud ofit and thought it excellent, considering there to be many hit singles onit.

Anyway, the group and I mutually parted company. I really hadn'tgot time to nurture them further I'm afraid my dithering about had alreadyheld them back slightly and they needed nur

turing. They weren't too sure of whether they should split or goon or what. As it stands, the group still features three of the originalsPeter, Tony and Mike.

I'd like to stress that this album is IN NO WAY representative ofthe group as it stands today. Their sound and act now belong in a differentclass entirely, and they are about to become rightly very, very big. Butinterest in their first sounds does exist and I still believe this albumto be an excellent one in its own right. At long last it may be listenedto!

It may only be of collector's interest but I'd prefer to believethat, in '68, Genesis were six years ahead of their time, and that at lasttheir time is now.

John King

(P) 1969, c 1974, The Decca Record Company Limited, London