Here are some Genesis labels.It is amazing that  there are so many different companies who releasedGenesis albums. Most albums were released many times on many differentlabels, each with a unique look.

From Genesis to Revelation Unboxed UK Stereo
From Genesis to Revelation Unboxed Red Decca Mono
From Genesis to Revelation Boxed UK Stereo
FGTR Italian Unboxed Stereo (variation 1)
FGTR Italian Unboxed Stereo (variation 2)
From Genesis to Revelation Venezuela
Japnese FGTR on the London Label

FGTR German Promo

From Genesis to Revelation US London Label

FGTR German Nova

German Silver Decca

German Profile Red Decca

Rock Machine

Australian Purple Decca

German Silent Sun Red Decca

In The Beginning Brazil

FGTR Green Line LP Holland/Italy

From Genesis to Revelation PAX label Israel

Trespass Argentina on Philips (1st Press)

Weird FGTR from Russia

Trespass Argentina on Philips (2nd Press)

Trespass Japanese first White Label Promo
 Trespass Japan first standard pressing

Taiwanese Trespass

Trespass Japanese second White Label Promo

Tresspass on the B&C Pink Label

Trespass ABC Rainbow Label

Trespass White Label Promo

Trespass ABC Promo

Trespass Italian Philips

Trespass Canadian Rainbow

Trespass on the Jazz Impulse Label

Trespass Black ABC

Nursery Cryme Pink US Buddah
 Nursery Cryme white Charisma Rerelease
Nursery Cryme Germany

Nursery Cryme Italian Philips

Foxtrot Pink U.S. Buddah
Thaiwanese Foxtrot
Foxtrot Israel on Phonodor
Foxtrot Israel on Blue Phonodor
Foxtrot Spanish Philips

Foxtrot Philips Argentina

Foxtrot German Promo

Foxtrot Portuguese Charisma

Live Yugoslavian Philips

 Foxtrot Blue Charisma

French Genesis Live in a Silver Charisma Label

Live German White Label Promo


Live US Buddah

Live Japanese White Label Promo
 Unique Live Charisma label Portugal
Live on the Italian Fontana Label
Selling England first release Argentina
 Selling England re-release Argentina
Selling England Argentina on Philips (late)

Israeli Selling England on Phonodor

Selling England standard Japanese Release

Portuguese Selling England By The Pound

SEBTP Taiwan Rock Club label

The Lamb German White Label Promo

SEBTP Uruguay on Philips

Three different colored Lamb LP labels

Israeli Phonodor
I think the blue indicates promotional
The Lamb Album in the 'Rael' Labels
 The Lamb Grey ATCO Label
The Lamb Yellow ATCO Label
Canadian Presenting Genesis
The Famous Charisma Mad Hatter Label
Italian Superstar Label
German Amiga Sampler Blue Label
German Amiga Sampler Purple Label
 Brazilian 'In Concert'

 Rock Theatre Argentina

Wind & Wuthering Argentina

Wind and Wuthering Austria

Turn it on Again Holland Vertigo

Seconds Out Taiwan

Turn it on Again Guatemala Vertigo