VERY rare US Test Pressing October 11, 1974


Presswell Records, no typing or writing on the label.



VERY rare French Acetate Test Pressing November 4, 1974

8 Track Tapes

Super rare Japanese Lamb first release in 1975 with OBI. Includes insert with Lamb story and lyrics in Japanese. Charisma catalog numbers RJ-5162 / RJ-5163. I can't explain why this 1975 release has an earlier catalog number than the Japanese Trespass released in 1974.

Re-released from Japan in 1977 (SFX-10022 / SFX-10023), 1983 (15-PP-31/2), 1986 (20VB-1099/1100), & 1988 (VJL-1011/2)

It is possible to use these catalog numbers to tell the approximate time of release, but they are actually price codes. RJ-5 was originally sold for 2,200 Yen, the SFX originally sold for 4, 000Yen, the 15- sold for 3,000 Yen (1,500 x 2), etc.

Argentinean release 1975 with slight back cover variation on Philips & Phonogram catalog number 9299 257/8.

Greek release 1975 with slight cover variation in B&W. Charisma catalog number 6641 226.
This is the common 1977 Japanese release with an uncommon promo (red strip) OBI. Charisma catalog number SFX-10022.
There are very few differences for worldwide Lamb LPs. This one from Israel 1978 shows the Phonodor label on the back and the Literatone symbols on the bottom. Can also be found with two different blue promo labels. Catalog number 4402. 
Taiwanese version from 1978 on the Incredible Sound label, catalog number KS-5055.