Dutch double live album test pressing on the Phillips Label entitled'Live at Leicester & Manchester'. The single most valuable Genesisalbum. Includes Supper's Ready from the same concert as the official Live album and full song introductions. Catalog number 6830 141.

Italian Genesis Live 1973 Catalog number 6369 942 L. Dark (rectangular) live photo on the back of the bandlive with drapes in the background.

Cassette Tapes

Similar Italian release to the one above but larger qualities and a different cover catalog number 9279 530.


Chile Charisma 1974 catalog number 6393 903 with blue logo and black and red back cover.


Original Japanese Charisma 1974 catalog number RJ-5132. The backcover and label (white label promo only) are both black and white and completelydifferent than any other release. This original release (like all originalJapanese releases) is extremely tough to find.

Re-released in Japan in 1977 (RJ-7225), 1983 (20-PP-68), and 1986 (25VB-1108)

First Australian release 1975 catalog number 6369 903. Basically the same as the regular release except for the INTERNATIONAL logo in the corner and the all blue Genesis logo.

Italian Fontana 1975 Special Reissue Catalog Number 9198 084. Pictureson the back are the same as on the regular live album but are printed muchlarger. There is no dedication to Richard MacPhail.

Israeli Charisma 1975 catalog number 9279 530. Back cover is laidout different and is entirely black & white.

Yugoslavian release on Philips 1975 catalog number LP-5514. Theinteresting part of this cover (and label) is that large RTB symbol forRTB records. It is also the only Philips release.

Portuguese release on Charisma 1975 catalog number 6369 942. Althoughit's tough to see in the scan, the cover is a very faded blue-purple. Thelabel is also quite unique for a mad hatter label.

New Zealand Charisma 1975 catalog number 6369 903. Similar to theregular release except the back cover which is all black & white andthe logo is all blue.

Brazil Charisma 1976 with a B&W back cover like the one above

Greece Charisma 1976 catalog number 6369 942. Not too differentbut the label is sorta cool.

Second Japanese pressing on Charisma 1977 catalog number RJ-7225.The major difference between this and the regular UK release is the Charismalogo on the front cover and the Japanese OBI.

Rare promotional release of the LP above. The red strip on the widerOBI designates promotional releases. A similar one can be found on a JapaneseFGTR.

This is basically a newer re-release of the Japanese pressing above.It is also catalog number RJ-7225.

Spanish pressing 1979 with a different color logo. The rest is mostlythe same as the regular release.


Argentina pressing 1979 with a purpleish cover and Spanish songtitles on the back.

Australian Rock Legends 1980 Catalog number 6321 119 or cassette7152 119. Has a brief history on the back describing the location of therecording as Leicester and Manchester February 1973.

Approximate Value: $30


Netherlands release 1980 on the Charisma Success series. Catalognumber 9289 530 or cassette 7259 530. Basically the same as the regularcover except for the SUCCESS logo on the front and no MacPhail dedicationonthe back.

The Sophisticated 70's 3LP set from the Netherlands late 1979 onCharisma / Vertigo. Includes LPs from Beggars Opera and Magna Carta alongwith Genesis Live. Catalog number 6685 109 for the set, but the GenesisLP is the same as the one above.

Columbian release 1981 with a blacked out area on the front cover and a drastically different B&W back cover. Charisma / Philips catalog number 6302 097.

Very late Venezuela release 1988 on Virgin catalog number 1545. Like some other Venezuela LPs, the cover was taken from the UK CD.